I haven’t walked in 9 years and sometimes it’s difficult for me to remember what it feels like to stand up on my own or to feel my muscles moving as one as I walk. However, when I was writing a piece for my memoir all of the feelings and pride of making progress came flooding back.
The certain piece I’m talking about has to deal with when I was gaining some movement in my body those 9 years ago. I was listening to another patient trying to go further than the spot she had reached the day before. I remembered how it felt to know that you are able to take steps and stand and how good it made me feel at the time. So without thinking about what I was doing I started rooting for her out loud, encouraging her letting her know that deep down inside she had the strength to go a little farther. The result was worth it because she surpassed her goal by 10 steps.
Even though it wasn’t me walking I still felt the victory in the progress she made. Remembering this helps me today. I know I will walk again and all I need to remember is that I just have to look deep down inside myself for the strength I need if I ever feel like I cannot do something.
That can go for anything in life, if you want something bad enough just look inside yourself and the strength you need to succeed is right there waiting for you.


Tis the season

I love and hate this time of year.  I hate it for many reasons; the flu runs rampant and  even though it is supposed to be Thanksgiving and Christmas people are grouchy, rude and mean as hell.  Everyone is in a race to get the turkeys, fixings, black Friday deals ( the worst), the best Christmas tree, and no one remembers their excuse me’s or thank you’s.  Why this is I do not know, what happened to the nice get togethers for Thanksgiving with your family and being thankful for what you have and not worrying about what you don’t.

This Thanksgiving has really opened my eyes to what I am thankful for.  It was the first time my grandmother came to a Thanksgiving, the first time in 3 years my sister and her husband were home, the first time in about 8 years all of us children came over and spent time together on that particular  day.

So to keep up that feeling, I am trying to remember how it was when I was younger.  Decorating the tree, baking cookies and all of those delicious goodies that people cringe from, making people laugh just to bring some kind of cheer and be thankful that my family is doing alright.

That is what I loved about this time of year and I am going to make sure I remember to love it again.  Hopefully if I can spred it around my loved ones it will spread from there and if not maybe writing this will help.  🙂