Reading is helping my writing

reading, writing, memoir, metaphors,show not tell, revising

Ever since I learned to read I would read everything I could get my eyes upon. From street signs and names of streets to billboards to names of stores and restaurants and that was just when I was in a car. When it came to books anything I could get my hands on and understand I would read. Over the years my love of reading has not diminished. I may not read the same as I used to with a physical hard or paperback book but luckily the technology we have today lets me still explore the millions of uncharted imaginary worlds.
Ever since I started writing my memoir I have been so focused on the writing and remembering part that I forgot to include the metaphors, similes etc. This summer however among the many tasks and plans my family had made I managed to get quite a bit of reading done.
With my return to writing I am once again learning to show people things instead of just telling them. It may seem the same but for my fellow writer’s out there you know what I am talking about.
I am now going back through my work and reanalyzing it so that I can make my writing a lot stronger and more sensory. This task is difficult but in the end I know my writing and hopefully book will succeed in the end.


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