Boston marathon 2014

Yesterday I was busy listening to the Boston Marathon due to the fact that my cousin was running in it!  I was so proud of her when she told my family last year that she got an invitation to run in the marathon but she said she wasn’t going to run until 2014.  So when the bombing of the marathon last year occurred my dad, who forgot that she wasn’t running that year, came home crying thinking she was there.  Both my mom and I had to try to get a hold of her to reassure him that she was ok.  We finally reached her and to make him feel calmer she jokingly said she would have been back in the hotel when the bomb went off.  Even though that bomb was in no way a joking matter my dad was relieved. 

So this year I was excited and nervous waiting to find out how she dd.  I did not want anything to go wrong again and for any more innocent people to get hurt or worse, killed.  The bombing last year still does not make any sense to me and I still wonder why anyone would want to cause such pain and tragedy.

Thankfully this year went off without a hitch and my cousin finished in 3.43 hours!  I was also pleased to hear that there were people in wheelchairs in the marathon as well!  One of these days I would like to run in a marathon if I get to walk again and see how I do.


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