Simple does not mean boring.

When I graduated high school and starting college I thought life was boing if I wasn’t going out and hanging out with someone. Mind you I only starting thinking that when I started hanging out with this person that was a bad influence for me. Now that I look back on those precious lost years I realized that my life was never boring, I just lived for the simple things in life. I enjoy watching my brother; sister, dad, and nephews play whatever sport they are playing. I like hanging out with my sister a mom because we all like most of the same thing. I love going out with my whole family to dinner and a movie because they all crack me up. There was never anything wrong with my life and am sad that I let someone convince me that there was a problem with my life. At that time I was a follower but now I am a leader, even if no one else follows me I lead myself into things I want to do.


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