New Years Resolution?

I have made a new years resolution every year since I knew what a new years resolution was but not this year, this time I decided to make goals. My biggest goal is to start walking again. This is a huge goal (I know) so to reach this goal I have to complete a couple of smaller goals.
One small goal is to start eating properly. This goal won’t be to difficult to start this year because my whole family including my dad all want to start eating right.
The second small goal is to start working out everyday. This is important because I have to work out the muscle groups that will help me to stand and walk and help me lose weight.
If I can keep up these small goals and reach my big goal I know I can reach any goal I make.


One thought on “New Years Resolution?

  1. Yassmina,
    I like your goal for this year! You are smart to recognize the smaller goals you need to achieve first. You are inspiring!

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