Another way

When I lost my sight I thought it was the end of the world.  I never imagined that I would lose my ability to see, even though my doctors had warned me that this could be a possibility someday.  I had lost my vision in the past but it had always come back along with anything else that my M. S. threw at me.  It seems though that the older I got the harder it became to gain all of my vision and movement.

It was bad enough that I would go paralyzed in one part of my body but the loss of my sight and the knowledge that I would never get it back was just too much for me to handle.  I went into a deep depression for a long time.  I could no longer do the things I loved, no longer work, or even finish school. 

This went on for a couple of years until an occupational therapist asked me if I was reading any audio books.  I told her that my relatives had purchased a couple of audio tapes for me but that they were expensive so I would just reread the ones I had.  She then proceeded to inform me of a wonderful place called the California state library for the blind.  I had never heard of this place and was bubbling with excitement over the description she was giving me about this place.  All of the books I wanted to read sent to my house, I can take as long as I wanted to read them and when I was finished with them I just sent them back free of charge.  She then went on to ask me if I had any vocational help.  Of course I did not know what she was talking about and then I was given more outstanding knowledge of a blind school, cane training, computer and software training and help to get me back into school. 

All of this was not told to me by my doctors when I first went blind and I was quite upset that I went two years not knowing about all of this and I was also very much overwhelmed by all of these new opportunities.  It took a few more months of depression before my mom purposely picked a fight with me to get me to go to the Society for the blind.

Since then, I am back in school and am able to function just fine except for the other problems I have to face every day.  I thought losing my sight would be the death of me but in reality it gave me a different outlook on everything.  I now see things in a new way.  I don’t take anything for granted, I see people for who they are instead of by what they look like and I know longer care what people think of me, they can take me for who I am with all of my faults or they can just let me be.  It is sad that it took losing my sight to realize this but I am happy that the realization came. 


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