Politically Correct

I was having a discussion with my mom about how her work is putting up signs that use the PC term of nonvisual community for those people who are blind and the like.  I was offended by this terminology. 

I don’t consider myself a nonvisual person, I’m blind.  I was discussing this with my professor and another classmate earlier today and my professor said that not everyone is blind and that may be the reason they used nonvisual because people have other visual impairments. 

Now that term, visually impaired, I can get behind.  She was right, not everyone is blind and there is a wide spectrum of different eye problems.  I can’t get behind the term nonvisual community however.  For one, what is non visual, it doesn’t make sense to me and two, it is not a community that I belong to, I belong to the community that surrounds me and that includes everyone.

Putting that phrase up is just singling a person like me out.



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