Brain freeze

I know I have not written in my blog for a while but I was having a writers crisis.  I was trying to figure out what I should write in my blog and also having trouble with my memoir.  Finally, yesterday I realized that this is my blog and I named it yassieslife because well it is about me, my thoughts, my challenges, my achievements and anything else I want to write about, so whats the problem.  With my memoir, I am having trouble with description and a little bit of memory but that I will have to talk to my professor about or if anyone has any hints they would like to share I would take any advice. 

Anyways, right now I am thinking about my challenge of trying to walk.  I feel like I am so close to being able to stand on my own, I just have to figure out how to work on the muscle that helps me extend my knee and also keep working on my hips, all of these muscles are essential to walk.  The only hard thing is finding the right exercises to work them out.  It doesn’t help that I am in a wheelchair and am doing all of this from my house.  I may sound like I am complaing and maybe I am but hell, I can complain a little it doesn’t mean I am going to give up.


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