What can be worse than having a disease, hmmm…

I haven’t been able to write in my blog because of a cold.  This got me thinking however (when I was finally able to think) about the difference between being sick from my disease and being sick from a cold/ head cold/ flu.  Lets compare shall we.

With my disease it causes paralysis, blindness, bowel/bladder pproblems, loss of sensations, heightened sensationsand in some causes loss of memory.  Yes, these are all a bitch to live with not to mention living through and I would never wish this upon anyone. 

Now, lets talk about  getting the cold/ head cold/ flu.  With getting theseyou come down with light headedness, cough, sneezing, aches all over the body, weakness, the chills, fever, stuffy nose plus your contagious.


Now with my disease I can be around peple and I don’t have most of the symptoms like having a cold.  Which I can deal with and with my disease it does not give me a cold.

On the hand getting te the cold/flu I feel worse than crap and if I am not careful it can trigger my disease (not fun).

So what would I rather deal with, the answer is my disease (can you tell how much I dislike the cold/flu).

I would love to hear what others think about my little insight.


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