It’s crazy what I miss

I’m currently enrolled in a creative writing clas.  I taking it twice because I want to write a memoir about growing up with a disease.  To prepare myself for writing I used one of the assignments in the class.  The assignment was to make a list.  It could be about anything so I made a list about things I miss seeing or doing on my own.  Last night I happen to stumble upon it and started to laugh about what I wrote down and it is true that I do miss these things. 


For example I wrote down that I miss playing video games.  I was at the very end of The Mask of Zelda with only one mask and one bottle  to find when I lost my sight.  The funny thing was that it really pissed me off, I really wanted to finish that damn game. 

Another was that I miss watching tv or a movie by myself.  It annoys me so it must anoy others that I am aways saying “What happened?”.  This is especially true for sports or boxing, everyone is cheering and I am trying to figure out what’s going on and I am five minutes late in saying “yes” or “Damn”.

Of course I also miss the usual stuff that’s a no brainer but things like what I just mentioned crack me up because they seem so insignificant to others but to me they’re huge.


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