Hello everyone, just writing to let everyone know what my blog is going to be about.

Mainly I wanted to start this blog to talk about my disease, then thought more about it and decided that my disease is not my whole life.  I  post poems or stories I write, talk about shows and books I love to lose myself in t escape the everyday world and then I just write something insightful. 


For today I will talk a little about my disease.  I have Multiple Sclerosis/ Devics.  If your not sure what it is I will just keep it simple; it is a disease that revolves around your nervous system and can cause paralysis, blindness, bowel and bladder prblems amongst others.  The ones I mentioned I am dealing with currently.  Yes I am blind and canot walk. 

It is a bitch but I concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives, why you ask?  Why be miserable when you know you cannot control what hand you were dealt when you can be happy about the things you can achieve or overcome. 


That is my philosophy for my life anyways.  Yes, I tend to slip from time to time but what person doesn’t.


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